In the dark room i silently sit,

With enormous thoughts revolving inside,

How to make you happy,

As i try to avoid them,

They keep coming back.

I remember when fate brought us together,

I ask myself, “Why was it you? ”

The one who doesn’t value me?

It’s a spear penetrating through my heart.

It makes me feel hopeless,

A voice in me says “Give up”, Another says “Hung on”,

My body is confused,

I choose to hold on,

When will the pain seize?

I assemble myself up,

I look to the sun and smile,

This is another moment to make a difference,

I push myself towards the goal,

The goal to make you mine.

As i walk slowly to her,

Fear pulls me back, i can’t stop,

I keep on moving forward to her,

She can’t look at me,

I can’t keep going, my legs can’t move.

I turn back,

I am going away,

“HEY” someone call’s out,

I turn back, it’s her,

She doesn’t want me to go away.

I hold on to her,

She is with me now,

All the grief has turned joy,

I look into her eyes in ecstasy,

I won’t let her go.



The day was tough,

The work was exhausting,

My body was a spring, a spring of sweat,

When i stood to wipe it, then i saw you.

You came on a perfect moment,

A glimpse of you rejuvenated my entire system,

I was curious, curious of you,

I built a sudden interest for you,

Didn’t believe on first site love,

But when you appeared, all changed.

You like sun, raining it’s light upon my dark days.

Now all my thoughts are with you,

I am lost in them,

How will i get to be with you,

Am afraid to aproach you,

What do i do?

As the hope is dieying,

The other me pushes me to come to you,

Now i am next to you and i can look closer,

Sunny flower, you are perfect.

As you utter your hello,

I feel a soothing in my heart,

I want to be your favourite,

Now i am next to you,

I don’t want to leave this comfort,

Like life i want to be part of you,

Keep shinning coz your light is my guide,

Am glad you rolled into my life.


The day is warm, the sun is raining light upon the globe,
I sit silently on an old bench under a huge tree,
My heart is leaping in ecstasy,
Am waiting for my intended one,
The feeling is beyond control.

As the birds are chirping on the tree top,
The melody flows slowly through my veins,
I am taken away with wonderful thoughts of us,
My eyes shut, as the fantasy has taken over me,
The feeling is beyond control.

A soft touch on my face derives me from fantasy,
I open my eyes in absolute slow motion,
As the blurred image becomes clear,
I immediately rise up, it’s the intended one,
The feeling is beyond control.

I grabbed her, held her closer to my heart,
The intended one is here to be with me,
As we finally take a seat on the old bench,
Our faces are shining with joyful smiles,
The feeling is beyond control,

The intended one is now on my arms,
The feeling is breath taking,
My lips are locked to each other,
No word can come out now,
The feeling is beyond control.

As the intended one rests on my chest,
My heart is calmed and we look to each other’s eyes,
The magnification is enlarged instantly and I can see through,
Peeping through her soul I can feel the happiness within her,
The feeling is beyond control.

We held each other closer in absolute silence,
The birds above us are singing for us,
This is our kingdom, and the melody is our love song,
As we communicate directly through each other’s heart,
The feeling is beyond control.

Darkness is approaching,
I still don’t want to let her go,
My world is complete next to her,
I lost track of time,
The feeling is beyond control.

The sun grew from dim to dimmer,
Darkness took over and it was time to let go,
We both rise, and head home,
As I bid her bye, a warm tear runs down my cheeks,
The feeling is beyond control.


As we walk slowly towards the gate,
We look to each other’s eyes in silence,
We are going to a night party,
Only one of us was invited,
YES, we are friends.

How do we go through the invites only party?
How does only one of us attend the party?
We are friends, we share the invite,
As we finally arrive at the party, who was invited?
YES, we are friends.

No one understands the response,
We are both kicked out of the venue,
We walk away in utter meditation,
Why does everyone understand?
YES, we are friends.

We pass by the bar for some drinks,
We are now “sober” and we head home,
As we lay down to rest, our friendship lives,
The night passes and morning comes,
YES, we are friends.
One of us is not well now,
We are still together, and it feels better,
As the sun sets in the West,
We are convinced that all will be well again,
YES, we are friends.

Now we are old, the flame if life is dimming,
We gaze to each other’s eyes,
As the final breath rushes out of the body,
Our hearts are glad coz we have felt the life’s goodness,
YES, we are friends, FOREVER.


In my cold lonely room I stay,
My body lay on my small bed,
My eyes are staring at the ceiling,
My mind are buried deep in thoughts,
Expectations hurts.

I keep rolling around my bed,
Thoughts keep competing to outstand emotions,
I want the loneliness to go away,
And the body finally responds and arises,
Expectations hurts.

“RING” My phone rings,
I rush to pick it up and “HALLO?”
It’s the intended one calling,
The intended one is in sorrow,
Expectations hurts.

It pierces my heart,
The pain sends a cold shiver through my spine,
Then I tell myself, “it’s your time”,
I do all I can to relight the dim candle of the intended love,
Expectations hurts.

The candle is back on,
The intended love can now smile,
Surely my efforts have sent away the sorrow,
Now am enlightened too,
Expectations hurts.

With joy I suggest for a date,
The intended love will be there,
I am overwhelmed,
The time seems to be just about the corner,
Expectations hurts.

The date is on,
I arrive early to wait for the intended love,
The intended one walks in,
I arise to welcome the intended one,
Expectations hurts.

Just as am about to get to my feet,
Another being emerges, they are holding hands
I am perplexed and take back my seat,
They seem happy together,
Expectations hurts.

As the approach the table,
I hide my surprise for the introduction,
The stranger is the love of my intended one,
My heart pounds in pain but my emotions are hidden,
Expectations hurts.

Now am all alone again,
Back in my cold roon,
I look at the ceiling and hope,
My real love will come one day as I recall how,
Expectations hurts.


In the morning I wake up,
A smile lights up my face,
My heart is filled with happiness,
Happiness of your love,
I adore you smiley.

In my world you are the light,
In my thoughts you are my most desire,
In my life you are a priority,
I love all the moments I spend with you in my memories,
I adore you smiley.

The day in now on,
I still have the same smile I had,
It’s because of you my beloved smiley,
You are such an inspiration in my life,
I adore you smiley.

The day peacefully ends,
As I retire to bed,
I look at the ceiling and OH!
I see you smiling at me,
I adore you smiley.

I bless the day I met you first,
I thank the fate that brought us together,
I wish you stay in my life till end of time,
By your side is where I will reside,
I adore you smiley.


In the darkest night when I lay to rest,
I look into the skies to the stars,
The richness of the stars and the moon gladden my heart,
The smile of my desired love is twinkling with the stars.

I feel great happiness for the thought of my desired love,
Even though it feels miles for us to be together,
Deep down there is a flame still burning,
Burning for the love I feel.

“You will be together”, that is the voice of my heart,
As I close my eyes to sleep, my desired love pats me goodnight,
My heart is filled with joy due to the feeling of finding my desired love,
I keep my hopes to the latter as I wait for my desired love to arrive.

Sleep has taken over but still my desired love is not letting me go,
Stick right there love, I am coming to get you,
That is the goal that I have set for you my love,
Stars abandon the sky sometimes but I PROMISE, together forever.

As the birds chooses the tree to rest on,
My love is resting on you,
I will stand and wait for you love, follow your tracks
Until that day I find you, the day I will find you my HAPPINESS.