In the darkest night when I lay to rest,
I look into the skies to the stars,
The richness of the stars and the moon gladden my heart,
The smile of my desired love is twinkling with the stars.

I feel great happiness for the thought of my desired love,
Even though it feels miles for us to be together,
Deep down there is a flame still burning,
Burning for the love I feel.

“You will be together”, that is the voice of my heart,
As I close my eyes to sleep, my desired love pats me goodnight,
My heart is filled with joy due to the feeling of finding my desired love,
I keep my hopes to the latter as I wait for my desired love to arrive.

Sleep has taken over but still my desired love is not letting me go,
Stick right there love, I am coming to get you,
That is the goal that I have set for you my love,
Stars abandon the sky sometimes but I PROMISE, together forever.

As the birds chooses the tree to rest on,
My love is resting on you,
I will stand and wait for you love, follow your tracks
Until that day I find you, the day I will find you my HAPPINESS.



Happy Mother’s Day

“M” is 4 da million things she gave me
“O” means only dat she’s growing old
“T” is 4 da tears she shed 2 save me
“H” is 4 her heart of purest gold
“E” is 4 her eyes’ with love-light shining
“R” means right & right she’ll always be


Behind the locked door i cry,

I cry for my love to open it,

All i heard was,

“Go away” from the inside,

It ws the voice of my love.

I don’t recall where we collided,

But what has made my love numb?

It remains a mystery,

I stood there weeping but Lo!

The door was still locked.

I walk away in grief,

Turning back after every single step,

To prove my doubt right,

The door was staring at me, shouting

“Go away”

I walk slowly to my cottage,

Perhaps my mat will cool me down,

I lie down staring at the roof,

My mat whispered, “Rise up”

I pulled myself up.

My heart is not at peace,

How could i be without my love?

I have to find my love,

I rush out and slam the door behind,

I am gonna find my love.

The door is open, “Why? “

I run inside, i saw my luv,

My love is crying, i held on to my love,

My love wants me back,

I am happy, i got my luv back.



In the morning i wake up,

I look at the rof and Wow! The sun is out,

The holes on my roof have already invited the rays,

I utter a prayer to my God as i start my day.

My humble cottage utters softly, “Time for hustle”

I pick up my machete and head straight to work,

I was to finish fixing some shoes in order to get paid,

Not that i am poor, my time has not yet come.

As i sit on my log waiting for my payments, the memories come,

I remember my mother’s words, PERSISTENCE

My teacher saying, HARDWORK

Then i remember persistence pays.

Evening comes and i get what is mine,

“Thanks Lord”, i utter as my savings are enough now,

I lay down to rest with asmile, am almost fulfilling my desires,

I will now finish my studies and get a better job.

As i fall asleep, a shining star lights up my future,

I walk throughout the clear path picking up all those in need,

Together we hold ech other up as we near the happy ending,

I wake up in great excitement as i can see the future awaiting me.